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San Pedro Village Shopping Center

San Antonio, TX


CIMA Contractors LLC, met with the building ownership of San Pedro Village Center to discuss the hail damage and how it could help with the restoration of the property to its pre-storm condition.

Cima was selected not just for its roofing experience and knowledge, but also for its strong reputation for timely, high-quality execution and extensive knowledge working with insurance claims.


The complexity of the project became apparent when it was discovered the building had three roof systems with the base layer consisting of the original BUR system and loose gravel under a roof-over still intact. CIMA was very surprised to find all of the gravel still in place, hence increasing the requirements for more manpower and time to tear off the existing roof in order to get down to the deck. Other difficulties included working around gas lines, extensive HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems.

For this particular installation, CIMA and CertainTeed worked together to spec-out two hybrid systems for a 15-year No Dollar Limit manufacturer’s warranty. Over the main structure, FlintBoard® ISO (energy efficiency) was mechanically fastened to the existing 22-gauge steel deck. This was followed by applying a CertainTeed self-adhering Black Diamond® Base Sheet providing additional strength, improved handling, and moisture resistance to the roof.

To complete the system a torch applied Flintlastic® GTA was selected based on high performance, puncture and tear resistances. Due to a section of the roof which featured extensive mechanical equipment and large gas-lines, CIMA chose to install a heavy-duty base sheet Ultra Glass SA to ensure additional water resistance over a tapered FlintBoard ISO system. Eight HVAC units, electrical lines and a gutter system were also replaced in the process.


The project took three weeks to complete with minimal disruption to tenants and their customers. Ownership was very impressed with CIMA’s ability to interface with the insurance carrier to plan and coordinate a well-executed project from start to finish.


Don't Let Anything Distract You From Your Business.

Since our inception in 2010, we have consistently showcased our ability to restore numerous industrial, retail, and multi-family properties affected by hail and windstorm damage. Our unwavering commitment is to go beyond simply restoring properties to their pre-storm condition. We strive to enhance them, utilizing effective turn-key strategies that result in improved outcomes.

We understand the importance of providing exceptional service and delivering results that exceed expectations. When you choose CIMA Contractors, you can trust that your commercial roofing and storm damage restoration needs are in capable hands. Experience the difference of working with a team that is dedicated to enhancing the condition and value of your property.