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Trust your commercial roof with our award-winning team of professionals. We know where to look and what to look for in order to give you an in-depth report on the condition of your roof. Our comprehensive roof inspection practices will provide you with peace of mind, and satisfy any questions your insurance company might have.

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Why Get a Roof Inspection

Elements such as wind, hail, moisture, and time can cause damage to commercial roofs that might start out as minor issues, but turn into catastrophes if they go unnoticed. best roofing contractors, A roof inspection will uncover any existing issues that could develop into extensive problems such as leaking, dry rot, and even structural collapse. If you catch the minor problems before they get a chance to evolve into major ones, you can save your company a lot of money and headaches.


Reasons to Have the Roof Inspected Right Away

Although many businesses will have their roof inspected annually or every six months there are a number of circumstances that could merit an immediate roof inspection. Some of the most common circumstances are:

  • Before buying a building
  • When obtaining insurance for the building
  • To locate and resolve leaks
  • After anybody has been on the roof
  • After a severe storm

You should always have a roof inspection before you buy any building. This way you can have an idea of any problems that could be on the horizon after you purchase it and begin doing business under the roof.

Most commercial insurance agencies will require a roof inspection by a certified inspector, best roofing contractors, before they will provide coverage.

If you ever notice any discoloration, moisture, or water droplets on the ceiling or under the eaves it is imperative that you get an inspection as soon as possible. Any of these signs could indicate a leak and serious roof damage.

Any time there are people on the roof for any reason such as maintenance workers, or kids climbing up there to party it is a good idea to have an inspection because it is relatively easy to cause damage that leads to leaks and mold or fungus.

After there has been a severe storm it is important to have a roof inspection conducted to see if there has been any storm damage. Strong winds mixed with heavy rainfall, hail, or snow can cause wear and tear that worsen over time.


Our Free Roof Inspections

We offer free commercial roof inspections without any obligations or commitments. One of our professionals will visit your location and conduct a thorough inspection that will determine any issues that you might have. After the inspection, we will provide you with a report that includes any damage that is discovered, along with a solution for any repairs that might be necessary. If there are no issues, we will simply be on our way but will be available if you need us, best roofing contractors, in the future.

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Can’t say enough good things about CIMA Contractors, commercial roof contractors,  especially Sam Suster. They did 2 jobs for me in the past year. The re-roofed a commercial office building that I own, and repaired and roofed my home after a huge tree fell on it during a storm. Treat me and my jobs with utmost care and concern. Great follow-up after job completion for several weeks to be sure I was happy and didn’t have any leaks (which we did not). Very honest and ethical. I highly recommend, they are best commercial roofing contractor.


We recently hired Cima, best roofing contractors near me, to replace our roof after the hail storm. They, commercial roof contractor, did an outstanding job. They were on top of every detail from start to finish. They kept us informed during the entire process. The clean up was amazing. You could not even tell they had been there. I never found one stray nail in the entire yard. They also worked with our insurance company which was great since it saved us a lot of time. They are professional yet very friendly. They were great to do business with and would definitely use them again.