• San Pedro Village Shopping Center
  • Durango Doors
  • Timberhill Villa
  • CMS Magnetics Corporation

San Pedro Village Shopping Center


CIMA Contractors LLC, met with the building ownership of San Pedro Village Center to discuss the hail damage and how it could help with the restoration of the property to its pre-storm condition.

Cima was selected not just for its roofing experience and knowledge, but also for its strong reputation for timely, high-quality execution and extensive knowledge working with insurance claims.


The complexity of the project became apparent when it was discovered the building had three roof systems with the base layer consisting of the original BUR system and loose gravel under a roof-over still intact. CIMA was very surprised to find all of the gravel still in place, hence increasing the requirements for more manpower and time to tear off the existing roof in order to get down to the deck. Other difficulties included working around gas lines, extensive HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems.

For this particular installation, CIMA and CertainTeed worked together to spec-out two hybrid systems for a 15-year No Dollar Limit manufacturer’s warranty. Over the main structure, FlintBoard® ISO (energy efficiency) was mechanically fastened to the existing 22-gauge steel deck. This was followed by applying a CertainTeed self-adhering Black Diamond® Base Sheet providing additional strength, improved handling, and moisture resistance to the roof.

To complete the system a torch applied Flintlastic® GTA was selected based on high performance, puncture and tear resistances. Due to a section of the roof which featured extensive mechanical equipment and large gas-lines, CIMA chose to install a heavy-duty base sheet Ultra Glass SA to ensure additional water resistance over a tapered FlintBoard ISO system. Eight HVAC units, electrical lines and a gutter system were also replaced in the process.


The project took three weeks to complete with minimal disruption to tenants and their customers. Ownership was very impressed with CIMA’s ability to interface with the insurance carrier to plan and coordinate a well-executed project from start to finish.

Durango Doors


As part of their search, Durango Doors leadership met with Plano-based CIMA Contractors LLC to assess the damage to their building. After careful deliberation, Durango Doors hired CIMA to interface with the insurance carrier and their claims adjuster to confirm that all storm damage was properly documented, and subsequently perform the repair and installation work needed to restore the structure back to pre-storm condition. CIMA’s findings were that both the roof and HVAC systems on the roof had suffered extensive impact damage from the April storm.

CIMA went on to demonstrate to Durango Door’s insurance carrier that the building would require a completely new roofing system, one which would meet the City of Fort Worth’s energy efficiency requirements.


The hail damage to the roof and HVAC systems was extensive and it was demonstrated by CIMA to the insurance carrier that the Durango Doors facility would require a complete re-roof. In addition, the roof needed to be brought up to new building codes for energy efficiency requirements of the city of Fort Worth.

CIMA chose a CertainTeed roof system, installing FlintBoard® ISO that was mechanically fastened to the existing steel deck. This was followed up by a two-ply torch down combination of Black Diamond® Base Sheet and Flintlastic® GTA Cap sheet. All metal roof components were replaced in the process. The project’s duration was two weeks with a 15-year No Dollar Limit manufacturer’s warranty provided.


The building owner was enormously pleased with the finished project, as well as the noticeably big decrease in energy consumption as a result of the new roof system and insulation.

Timberhill Villa


With that in mind, the owners of Timberhill Villa sought out a well-respected roofing contractor that they believed could manage the job smoothly and professionally. CIMA Contractors LLC, specializing in storm damage restoration projects, impressed ownership with their expertise on a nearby project and were hired to perform the job at Timberhill Villa and collaborate with the retirement community’s insurance carrier throughout the process.


At 29,000 square feet and four stories, with three separate roof areas supporting HVAC and gas lines the retirement center’s replacement project was no small undertaking. CIMA and CertainTeed created a roof system not only to meet the performance characteristics of the building but to also ensure the least amount of noise to the residents during the installation process.

Tear-off consisted of removing the existing built-up roof system in order to perform a clean deck installation. The substrate is a heavy weight concrete deck providing the foundation to which a hot mopped fiberboard was applied as opposed to a mechanically fastened application that would have been very noisy and disruptive to the residents.

Crickets (tapered insulation system) were designed and installed to ensure positive drainage to the scuppers and prohibit water ponding. Next, a CertainTeed self-adhering Black Diamond® Base Sheet providing additional strength and moisture resistance was installed. This was followed by a torch applied

Flintlastic® GTA for high performance puncture and tear resistance. The roof system was approved for a 15-year No Dollar Limit manufacturer’s warranty provided by CIMA.


With a 15-year NDL warranty, the retirement community not only attained a quality new roof, but the peace-of-mind that would help them focus on its mission of helping elders rather than worrying about the integrity of their facility’s structure. With the elimination of ponding, and the leakages and maintenance headaches it caused, the Timberhill Villa team was confident that the building’s roof would be trouble-free for years to come.

CMS Magnetics Corporation


After meetings with the insurance carrier’s team of adjusters, roofing contractor and engineers, CIMA conducted additional forensics work demonstrating that the original hail claim was valid. In addition, they found that there had been recent hail damage from another storm which led to the recurring roof leaks. Based on this new evidence, the insurance company reversed the denied claim and approved the restoration of the property back to its pre-storm condition.

Roofing system

CMS’ existing roof assembly was comprised of a 22-inch intermediate-rib steel deck that supported two roofing systems: a built-up and mechanically fastened 60 mil PVC single-ply membrane, topped with a sprayed-on coating. Although TPO/PVC systems are proven roofing systems for different types of commercial buildings and circumstances, the system did not meet either manufacturer or industry standard practices for this particular building design and composition. Upon CIMA’s recommendation, therefore, CMS chose to install a completely different high-performance roof system—one that would provide greater energy-efficiency, better tolerate building movements, and be highly resistant to wind-driven rain, foot traffic and falling objects.


CIMA removed the two existing roof systems and installed CertainTeed’s FlintBoard® ISO insulation, which was mechanically attached to the structure’s steel deck. The goal was three-fold: to meet local city building code requirements; substantially reduce heat buildup inside the building during the summer months; and maintain warmer temperatures during the winter months. CIMA also sought to eliminate areas prone to water ponding, which occurs when there is an inadequate slope along the corners of the roof and upper-level sections, by installing a tapered FlintBoard® ISO-T insulation that would reconfigure the cricket geometry and sumps in the roof’s corners and redirect water run-off to the new drainage system. CIMA then applied CertainTeed’s self-adhering Black Diamond® Base Sheet, which is highly valued for its strength, dryness protection and ease of handling, while also providing additional protection against wind-driven rain. Finally, a torch-applied layer of CertainTeed’s Flintlastic® GTA cap sheet was added to provide a superior interplay bond strength, along with additional puncture and tear resistance. Together, these membranes would have a total thickness of 220 mil—rather than the old 60 mil—providing a higher degree of re-enforcement and protection.


After years of torment, CMS was gratified that with CIMA’s help, they had finally resolved their leak problems. Now, they had a brand-new roof that would provide a dry environment and greater comfort for employees year-round. With that peace of mind, the company was able to confidently expand inventory and continue to grow their business. As with all its jobs, CIMA provided a 15-year NDL warranty for this project, guaranteeing its work for CMS well into the future.


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